The Urgent Need for a Global Mindset - Not East OR West but East AND West

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Presented - 07 October 2014

The Global Mindset - What that means for business"

As the world gets more connected and multiple cultures come together to execute across the globe, the way we think and do things continue to evolve. How we think in business  today may be obsolete tomorrow. Best practice is contextual and co-created. What is this Global Mindset? How do we keep up with the diverse and ever changing needs in our world? Why is it important to embrace this?

 Webinar 1: The Urgent Need for a Global Mindset - Not East OR West but East AND West

What does this mean for people from both East and West as we look to do business together in the 21st century?

The key to success in the Asian century is to move beyond the mind-sets that have been built over time. No longer will a Western, or an Eastern, mindset alone be sufficient to build successful organisations across East and West. Whilst reconciling these different traditions poses challenges in a global world, there is an underlying element which compounds the challenge. Whilst often not spoken about, the shadow of colonialism and post-colonialism still have a major impact on the thinking of people from both East and West. Whilst understandable from an historical perspective, these mindsets and pre-conceived views can limit the success of individuals and organisations as they look to prosper in a world with far less boundaries than at any previous time in human history.

What is needed now is a global mind-set.

A mindset that is rooted neither in the West, nor the East; is neither colonial nor post-colonial; but is one that takes the best of both East and West and then combines them with a higher understanding of human endeavour to allow business, organisations, countries and individuals to flourish in this brave new world of the 21st century.

 Webinar 2: The Global Mindset - Where Shifting Plans is the Norm

 World class leaders today need to spearhead  high performing teams  with cultural diversity, breadth of capability and depth of experience to achieve exceptional results under extraordinary circumstances.  We must constantly rethink and continuously learn as contexts and situations. Best practices today mean to co-create and co-facilitate sustainable learning on-the-go and innovations that stick through impactful shifts - all that with minimum time out of B.A.U. operations. What is business as usual?

 In this session we explore an approach to learning and development for teams in the fast-moving organisation where what got them to their previous success will not get them to the next one.




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  • Presentation Date
    Tuesday, 07 October 2014
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    Dr Yvonne Sum
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    Four Group
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