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Is your skill set diverse enough to stand up to the pressure of today's dynamic job market? How often do you consider you have learnt something that could make your working life easier and more manageable and your manner more confident and prepared? Do you value the people working in your organisation and want to ensure they are developing and are current on critical compliance matters?

My Groovy Career is a new and innovative service created to provide you the skills, knowledge and control through interactive webinars on current themes of personal and career development and organisational awareness. Presented through live webinars from industry leading experts we focus on the currently relevant areas of Personal Branding, Middle Manager Development, Workplace Culture, Skills Development, Leadership, Effective Management and Financial Planning. As a member you will have access to real world, useable, relevant and concise information in easy to absorb 45-minute sessions. During our live webinars members are free to ask questions and get real-time answers. If you miss a live webinar, our library of recorded material, blogs and articles is also at your disposal.

Whether you are an employee trying to push through to the next pay grade, looking for the reassurance that only a broad base of knowledge can provide, or an employer looking for a catalyst to provide holistic improvement across a department or the whole organisation, My Groovy Career may prove to be the most convenient and cost effective method of empowering you or your organisation.

To your success!
The My Groovy Career Team!

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